Ethiopia allocates $200 millions to help drought affected communities


ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Pastoralist Development announced that it has allotted a sum of 200 mln dollars to help the pastoralists communities benefit from development and tackle the adversary effects of drought, which has intermittently hit the pastoral areas.

Ministry’s Social Projects Head Seid Umer said that 200mln dollars channeled for a five years long national program designed to significantly minimize pastoralist drought vulnerability and ensure sustainable development.

He said that the federal government has set up a special support board council for regions with a view to sort out challenges that have been facing the pastoralists.

According to him, remarkable achievements  has been made in pastoral areas of  Afar, Ethiopian Somali, Oromia and South region as the pastoralists  access to education and health increased with development of underground water to support them to capitalize on animal rearing.

Currently, he said that  potable water access in pastoral areas of  Oromia, Afar, Ethiopian Somali  and  South regions is 68 percent,63 percent, 62 percent and  51 percent, respectively. Basic health access also reached to 88 percent, 89 percent, 78 percent, and 92 percent in Somali, Afar, Oromia and South regions, respectively.

And when it comes to animal health, Oromia achieved 81 percent and South region 72 percent while Afar and Ethiopian Somali regions performed 67 percent and 63 percent, respectively.  Education access has also shown progress as Ethiopian Somali reached 65 percent with Afar region reached 63 percent.

There was a Social Development Project came into being 2004 managed by the Ministry and regions in pastoral areas. The first two phases of the project is finalized and the third phase is in progress.

Over the last 13 years,  the development  projects that worth 430 mln dollars centering on pastoral communities have been  implemented in 145 Woredas and enables a total of 4.5 mln people to benefit from social and economic development.

As the right pastoral strategy is not in place to solve problems, the drought came to hit hard these areas, which has implied the need of coordination of all people.


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