Ethiopian government issued tenders to buy 70,000 Tonnes Wheat

An unidentified government official sits on sacks of wheat donated by the U.S. at a food distribution point near Jijiga, eastern Ethiopia  in a file photo.  REUTERS/Barry Malone

HUMBURG – The Ethiopian government has issued an international tender to purchase 70,000 tonnes of milling wheat, European traders said on Monday.

The tender deadline was January 5, they said. Finance for the purchase has been provided by the World Bank, traders said.

Ethiopia has issued a series of wheat tenders in recent months, including a giant 1 million tonne purchase in October.

Failed rains during spring and summer 2015 sparked food and water shortages in the African nation, which boasts one of the continent’s highest growth rates but depends heavily on farming.

The United Nations has said 8 million people in the country of 96 million will need food aid but the number could rise to 15 million in early 2016, owing to shortages exacerbated by the effects of the El Nino weather pattern.


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